I do not believe in the absolute truths applicable to all organizations and to all people.

The waterlily flower is not always shown on the point where its roots are located. On the contrary, the more flexible and long its stem is, the farther from its root it can be shown.

Similarly, experienced professionals must be able to adapt their behaviours and decision-making criteria to the needs of their environment and their teams.

All this without losing touch with their roots, with their values, with what is their own, which is also their source of energy. Because I do believe that we are happier and better professionals when, in the long term, we act according to who we are and what we think.

Sharing experiences

For more than 30 years navigating various organizations in various countries – large and small multinationals, family companies or independent activities – my professional journey, from the financial area to general management and strategic consulting, through commercial management and, in any case, the management of people and teams, has allowed me to enjoy a lot and learn from everything.

The learning continues and I want to share it with whoever comes to this blog. No wish of lecturing at all: they are my own experiences, the result of the successes and mistakes made.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed directly, indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, to bringing me here. 

Plan Alpha

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